Garcetti vows more coronavirus tests, reminds LA: six feet matters

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti on Sunday, March 22, announced plans to increase testing for the novel coronavirus of those who are in the most high-risk categories and most vulnerable.

Garcetti didn’t offer specifics on how the testing will work but said the numbers will increase day by day and eventually could be made available to neighbouring cities.

“We’re going to launch a portal for people at high risk so they find information and get help,” Garcetti said referring to those who have symptoms, are 65 and older or both. Los Angeles news “They are at the greatest risks of dying if they contract Covid-19.”

Garcetti also discussed the needed 6-foot social distance requirement, pleading for people to stay home and honour the rule.

“This is serious,” he said. “Six feet matters. “There is no exception unless you’re a first responder or critical worker. These are difficult changes we are Press Release Distribution Services In Los Angeles making but they are going to do more than just protect yourself. They’re there to stop the deaths of your loved ones.”

However, Garcetti wasn’t happy with the behaviour by some this weekend.

“We saw images of too many people crowding beaches and canyons beyond capacity. There were too many people too close together too often. The longer we do that, the more people will get sick and many will die.”

The goal is to slow down the spread of coronavirus,” he said.

“If we don’t slow this down, no matter where you live, no matter where you are, this crisis will come to all of  us,” Garcetti said.
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