Los Angeles Affected By Corona Virus

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On this night, with the looming NCAA basketball tournament and so many other events and betting opportunities cancelled or postponed, only a few customers straggled in.“It’s usually packed on Saturdays. Especially this time last year considering how it’s March Madness and around the time of St. Patrick’s Day,” she said. “I’m worried I’ll be laid off. My dad, who works at the Aria buffet, has already gotten laid off. I’ve never seen Los Angeles News like this.”Cyprian Uba, a 62-year-old taxi driver who moved from Nigeria to Los Angeles 10 years ago, said that he waited more than three hours at the airport Saturday before finally picking up a passenger.“It’s never been like this before,” he said. “Traffic is super light. It wasn’t even like this during the recession.”Raul Cortes, a 45-year-old plastic surgeon from Miami who planned to attend the 2020 Physician Wellness and Financial Literacy Conference, said he tried to minimize physical contact with others by keeping a distance and spending more time in his hotel room.“I never saw a group of doctors wash their hands as many times as I did at this conference,” he said.

Los Angeles Affected By Corona Virus 

While Cortes didn’t notice a palpable change in the city’s energy during his four-day trip, he said he was able to snag cheap hotel rates at the last minute.“I managed to book a last minute-hotel at the Paris for $500, which would have typically been $1,000,” he said. When Schenk and his father learned that organizers of the ConExpo-Con/Agg Press Release Distribution News Los Angeles construction trade show had decided to end what was supposed to be a five-day convention 24 hours early, the pair tried unsuccessfully to find reasonably priced flights back home.

Corona Virus In Los Angeles

As they waited for their flight late Saturday night at the nearly empty Los Angeles airport, they thought back to the hygienic precautions they took during their vacation. They felt fine, they said, but were nonetheless on edge.“We were vigilant. We tried not to shake hands,” Schenk said to his father. Earlier in the week, he spoke to his wife on the phone. She told him to brace for a new reality once he arrived home in Philadelphia.“The restaurants are still open in Los Angeles?” Schenk remembers his wife asking.“It seems like it’s chaos back home,” Schenk told his father at the airport, recalling that conversation.


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