Stan Kasten discuss what comes next after coronavirus shutdown

Team president and CEO Stan Kasten warned against any speculation about when a 2020 schedule might begin, though he said he remains optimistic a “substantial season” of games will be played.
“In talking with the commissioner and the health authorities, I think it’s really important for us not to speculate on those things because different people have different guesses and we would be misleading fans if we convinced them that one opinion is right and one is wrong,” Kasten said.

“We just don’t know.”

Kasten did say that all “field-facing” elements of the stadium Los Angeles News renovation project are nearly completed and would have been ready for the Dodgers’ home opener, originally scheduled for Thursday against the San Francisco Giants.

“Our guys are really highly motivated. So it’s not as much a concern (about their inactivity) as it is just keeping everyone connected as much as we can. (Strength and conditioning coaches) Brandon McDaniel and Travis Smith are kind of doing that through some of our workout plans the guys are doing in their own respective houses right now.”

Friedman called it “kind of a de-load period,” in particular for pitchers who had spent 30 days in Arizona building up arm strength and pitch counts. Now, “we’re not even thinking about throwing programs.”

“As things start to crystallize – and things are changing by the day – as things start to crystallize, we’ll start putting that in motion,” Friedman said.

Whenever MLB gives teams the green light to begin formal workouts, Press Release Distribution Services In Los Angeles it is the starting pitchers who present the biggest challenge to preparing a team for a rescheduled season, Friedman said.

“For our position players and for relievers, I think it’s going to be easier to get them up to speed and ready to go,” he said. “It’s our starters that it’s a little bit more challenging. And the fact is it is an unknown when we’re going to start so you can’t even work backwards to a date. So you don’t want to be too aggressive on the front end. You also don’t want to be too passive. So it’s trying to strike that right chord for right now.

“That’s the group that we’re most focused on and acutely aware of and that’s going to be where a lot of our attention is spent. It’s going to take a little bit of time and, ideally, we can do some of that even before we get back together formally.”

Friedman would not speculate on how long that preseason process might take. He did say getting “a head start” would be vital to shortening the delay before regular-season games can be played.

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