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Ireo Skyon Sector 60 | 2/3/4 BHK Luxury Apartments in Gurgaon

18th December 2020 - Gurgaon. Ireo Skyon is one of the most peaceful residential communities tucked away on the Golf Course Extension Road. Ireo Skyon offers a combination of 2, 2+SQ, 3+SQ & 4 + SQ Apartments.  We are actively involved in real estate transactions in this community and many other good quality communities in Gurgaon. Ireo Skyon Master Plan Gurgaon As the name suggests, Quality is always our first priority at QUALTORS, be it Owner representation, Buyer Representation, Landlord Representation or Tenant Representation. Ireo Skyon We take Quality very seriously to deliver a quality experience for all stake holders. At Qualtors it is always Quality over Quantity. Ireo Skyon Affordable 2 Bedroom Apartment in Gurgaon The two bedroom apartment in Ireo Skyon Master Plan is a very interesting apartment for someone who is buying their first asset as a home. Most apt for a young couple looking to start the life in their own compact yet spacious and modern. The apartment com

Bull Trap Warnings After Bitcoin Price Shoots Up

After dropping to a low of $16,300 per coin, bitcoin (BTC) has rebounded 11.3% to where the price stands today at $18,138 per unit. BTC is still up 33% for the last 30 days, 54% for the last 90 days, and 139% against USD for the last 12 months. Bitcoin’s dominance index , in comparison with the 7,500+ crypto assets’ market caps , is currently just above the 63% handle. Bull Trap Warnings After Bitcoin Shoots Above $18k Handle The entire crypto-economy on Sunday, November 29, 2020, is hovering around $526.5 billion and there’s roughly $30.50 billion in global trade volume today. The biggest cryptocurrency gains today were captured by zap (ZAP), which is up 71% in 24 hours. The largest losses today stem from carvertical (CV), which is down over 59% on Sunday morning (EST). The second-largest market cap held by ethereum (ETH) is up 5.17% today, but ETH is still down a touch less than 1% for the last seven days. ETH is swapping for $555 per ether and holds a $63 billion market valuation. X

Facebook's Libra Crypto Gets Ready to Launch in January as a Single Coin

Facebook’s libra cryptocurrency is reportedly preparing to launch with a single cryptocurrency, a scaled-down version of its original plan. The launch date for Facebook’s libra could be as early as January. Launch Date for Facebook’s Libra The cryptocurrency libra, proposed by social media giant Facebook, is reportedly preparing to launch as early as January next year. However, only a limited version of the libra cryptocurrency will launch at that time. According to the revised libra whitepaper, the Libra Association intended to initially launch with some of the currencies in the proposed libra basket, such as “librausd or ≋USD, libraeur or ≋EUR, libragbp or ≋GBP, librasgd or ≋SGD),” the association explained. However, the Financial Times reported Friday: The association would now initially just launch a single coin backed one-for-one by the dollar … The other currencies and the composite would be rolled out at a later point. The exact launch date for the libra crypto would depend on

Bitcoin Crushes Previous All-Time Price Highs Surpassing 2017's Bull Run

Digital currency markets are on a tear this week, as a myriad of crypto assets have seen enormous gains during the last two days. Then finally, on November 30, 2020, the largest blockchain in terms of market cap, bitcoin (BTC) surpassed its 2017 all-time highs (ATH) after crossing the highly anticipated $19,860 zone on Monday morning (EST). The entire cryptocurrency economy has spiked in value considerably and on Monday, November 30, 2020, as there’s over $34 billion in global trade volume. Moreover, out of the 7,500+ crypto-assets in existence , the market valuation is hovering well above the $547 billion zone. Bitcoin (BTC) prices have touched a lifetime all-time high surpassing $19,666 per unit (Bitstamp ATH) on Monday, November 30, 2020, by reaching $19,864. The crypto asset is up over 8% during the last 24 hours, 5% for the week, and over 40% during the last 30 days. Bitcoin Crushes Previous All-Time Price Highs Surpassing 2017's Bull Run Bitcoin (BTC) chart on November 30,

Russia to Recognize Bitcoin as Property With Legal Protection

During the government meeting on Thursday, Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin talked about Russia’s plans for cryptocurrency regulation alongside other initiatives to fight against the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. After outlining several solutions the Russian government has come up with, Mishustin said, “Another solution concerns cryptocurrencies.” He added that “This is a relatively new tool, interest in which is constantly growing.” The Russian prime minister continued: “The government plans to direct the development of this market in a civilized direction so that the owners of such assets can protect their rights and interests, and the creation of shadow schemes would be difficult. ” In order to achieve this, Mishustin said, “Let’s make a number of changes to the tax code,” elaborating: Digital financial assets will be recognized as property , and their owners will be able to count on legal protection in the event of any illegal actions, as well as defend their proper

Cypherpunk Dumps Monero and Ethereum for Bitcoin

Cypherpunk Holdings, a Toronto-headquartered company listed on the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE) , announced Thursday that it has increased its bitcoin holdings to 276.479 bitcoins. At the current price, the company now holds about $5 million USD in bitcoin . Cypherpunk Holdings added that this is a net increase since June 30 of 72.979 bitcoins, elaborating: The increase in bitcoin holdings is a result of the full liquidation of positions in monero ( XMR ) and ethereum ( ETH ), as well as the partial use of proceeds from a private placement of $505,000 CAD that closed on August 27th, 2020. Founded in 1995, Cypherpunk Holdings was formerly known as Khan Resources Inc . but the company changed its name in November 2018. Cypherpunk invests in cryptocurrencies and privacy technologies and is listed on the CSE under the ticker HODL. CEO Antanas Guoga, or Tony G, is a well known high stakes poker player and former member of the European Parliament. He founded the Blockchain Centre i

New Crypto Games Promise Guaranteed Winners

Image partnered with Bravio Tech earlier this year to bring you the first blockchain -powered lottery platform. Lottery has since been very popular among players who want to access many of the leading global lotteries from anywhere in the world. Nearly 20% of all tickets sold on the platform have resulted in winners taking home a handsome payout in BTC or BCH. The premium lottery platform from is also the first to allow players to withdraw their wins in BTC or BCH for over ten global lotteries, which was unheard of until now. Players can not only purchase tickets to $100s of millions of jackpots in traditional lotteries, but also play a variety of crypto games with jackpots of up to $1 Million drawn out daily. Tickets are limited in all Sure-Win Games. Players can enter raffles with as low as €2 to win up-to a massive jackpot of €25,000 ! Lottery has now launched a set of 10 new games, each with a guaranteed jackpot winner on every draw. Apt