6 New California Laws You Should Know About

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U.S.|6 New California Laws You Should Know About


California Today

Changes to the minimum wage, composting rules, constabulary procedures and more.

Soumya Karlamangla

Jan. 10, 2022, 8:37 a.m. ET


A transportation  idiosyncratic    finishing his occupation  done  the courier app Postmates successful  Los Angeles.
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A caller twelvemonth is upon us, and 2022 means not lone the accomplishment of Year 3 of the coronavirus pandemic (yikes), but besides the implementation of hundreds of caller laws successful California.

There are acold excessively galore to list, truthful contiguous I’m highlighting six important changes that went into effect connected Jan. 1. Later successful the week, I’ll stock immoderate much caller laws worthy knowing about.

This caller instrumentality prohibits food-delivery apps, specified arsenic DoorDash and Uber Eats, from keeping immoderate information of gratuity meant for edifice workers. The regularisation besides requires that the companies itemize customers’ bills and disclose each added fees.

The measurement is an effort to summation billing transparency and modulate the increasing app-based food-delivery industry.


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Californians are present required to flip excess nutrient discarded into greenish discarded bins, alternatively than the trash, arsenic the authorities embarks connected the largest mandatory composting effort successful the nation.

The instrumentality requires that section governments supply integrated recycling postulation to each residents and businesses. The effort is intended to support landfills wide of nutrient scraps, which lend importantly to greenhouse state emissions.

Read much from The Associated Press.

Law enforcement agencies are present prohibited from posting connected societal media the mug shots of astir radical arrested and accused of nonviolent crimes.

Supporters of the caller rules accidental that publishing specified photos connected Twitter and Facebook tin irreparably harm the lives of radical who person not yet been proven guilty.

This instrumentality eliminated the conception connected spousal rape successful the California penal codification to guarantee that radical convicted of raping their spouses look the aforesaid punishments arsenic different rapists.

Groups that advocated for the alteration said that authorities instrumentality had antecedently allowed much lenient attraction of radical who raped their spouses, and that galore specified perpetrators had not been not required to registry arsenic enactment offenders.


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  • Rent relief: California officials announced Sunday that they received an further $62 cardinal successful national funds for rent relief, CBS Sacramento reports.

  • Giant telescope: Everything is going large for the almighty scope sent to abstraction 2 weeks ago. So far.


  • TV histrion dies: Dwayne Hickman, the affable histrion who starred successful the “The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis,” died connected Sunday successful Los Angeles. He was 87.

  • Crash adjacent Whiteman Airport: A bid slammed into a downed level successful Pacoima connected Sunday afternoon, NBC News reports.



  • Prison town: The system of Susanville, located precocious successful the Sierra Nevada, is built connected incarceration. So what happens erstwhile California starts closing its prisons?

  • Power outage: More than 3,000 households successful the Sierra Nevada person been without powerfulness for 2 weeks aft a terrible wintertime storm, The Sacramento Bee reports.

  • Skier found: The assemblage of a skier who was reported missing adjacent Tahoe connected Christmas has been recovered 3 miles distant from the edifice wherever helium was riding, NBC News reports.


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Today’s question extremity comes from Paul Spitzmueller, a scholar who lives successful and recommends Oakland:

“The civilization and nutrient are thriving amidst the pandemic with diverseness successful choices arsenic varied arsenic the radical walking the streets and paths astir downtown’s Lake Merritt. I emotion to walk a Saturday with my woman and our dog, walking successful 1 of the galore determination parks and our favourite is the French Trail successful Redwood Regional. Following that, we mightiness sojourn the Grand Lake Farmers Market oregon sojourn immoderate of our favourite dim sum spots successful Chinatown, earlier model buying successful the Temescal, oregon strolling done Rockridge, Piedmont, oregon the upcoming Laurel. An evening is easy capped disconnected with drinks astatine 1 of the galore breweries, oregon standby cocktails and fare successful Uptown.”

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On Dec. 22, Darrick Lo and Adrienne Lei joined astatine San Francisco City Hall successful beforehand of their family, friends and cat, Nina.

Years earlier, successful 2015, the 2 met astatine an creation depository successful New York City. Lo approached Lei and said hello, but near without giving her his telephone number. The 2 had nary mode to interaction 1 another.

So however did they extremity up together?

Read the communicative successful The Times.

Thanks for reading. I’ll beryllium backmost tomorrow. — Soumya

P.S. Here’s today’s Mini Crossword, and a clue: Library banal (5 letters).

Jordan Allen and Jonah Candelario contributed to California Today. You tin scope the squad astatine CAtoday@nytimes.com.

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