9 Diabetes Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

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Type 2 diabetes is simply a lifelong condition. “For astir people, it’s a companion that’s not going to spell away,” says Zeb I. Saeed, MD, an endocrinologist with Indiana University Health.

So erstwhile you person it, you request to larn to negociate your condition. Or, arsenic Saeed puts it, you “make country for diabetes.” You mightiness request to alteration the foods you eat, get much active, oregon instrumentality medicine.

But determination are pitfalls that tin get successful the mode of your health. To debar immoderate communal mistakes with your diabetes management, inquire yourself these questions: 

1. Are You Taking Your Medicine Incorrectly?

John Morton, MD, a bariatric surgeon with Yale Medicine, says astir 60% of radical with diabetes don’t instrumentality their medications precisely arsenic prescribed. “This is simply a bigger occupation than we think,” helium says. If you’re not definite astir however you should beryllium taking your meds, Morton says to speech to your doctor, a caregiver educator, oregon your pharmacist.

Never skip oregon alteration your dose. “The medicine that you’re connected for diabetes isn’t an option,” says Jorge Moreno, MD, an obesity medicine specializer with Yale Medicine.

Go implicit your enactment docket with your doctor. If you enactment an overnight shift, Moreno says you mightiness request to instrumentality your medicine astatine a antithetic clip than the cause statement says.

2. Do You Choose the Wrong Drinks?

It’s easier to get dehydrated erstwhile you person diabetes. On apical of that, your humor sweetener tin spell up if you don’t person capable fluid successful your body. But definite beverages tin spike your glucose levels. “People with diabetes are told to hydrate,” Moreno says. “So they spell up and hydrate with 100% juice. Unfortunately, that’s loaded with sugar.”

Limit these liquids:

  • Fruit and rootlike juices
  • Sports drinks
  • Alcohol
  • Soda 

Drink h2o erstwhile you’re thirsty. If that’s excessively boring, try:

  • Sparkling oregon seltzer water
  • Water flavored with lemon, mint, oregon cucumber
  • Sugar-free flavored waters

Ask your doc if artificially sweetened drinks are OK. We request much probe into however they impact  blood sugar. But Moreno says fare oregon “zero” drinks tin beryllium an enactment if you truly don’t similar water.


3. Do You Think Some Carbs Don't Count?

Your assemblage breaks down carbohydrates into elemental sugars, besides called glucose. It doesn't substance wherever these carbs came from. You request to look astatine full grams of carbs successful your food, not conscionable the sweetener content.

“Pasta, rice, tortillas, they person a batch of glucose,” Moreno says. “They volition summation your sweetener levels, sometimes adjacent much than candy.”

Natural sugars besides count. It’s existent that you should swap cookies for fruits. “But that doesn’t mean you tin person loads of them,” Saeed says. “Moderation is key.” 

Gail Nunlee-Bland, MD, main of endocrinology astatine Howard University Hospital, recommends eating nary much than 2 servings of effect a day. And effort to adhd much non-starchy vegetables to your meals. “The greenish leafy ones are better,” she says. 

There’s a useful measurement to springiness you a amended thought of which foods, including fruits and veggies, are champion for your diabetes. It’s called the glycemic scale (GI). The ratings archer you however apt a nutrient is to boost your humor sugar. For example, berries are little connected the GI standard -- and little successful earthy sugars -- than bananas, raisins, oregon grapes, Saeed says.

Labels connected astir packaged foods successful the U.S. don't database glycemic scale ratings. But you tin easy find GI calculators online.

Still confused astir carbs? Moreno suggests you spell implicit your emblematic breakfasts, lunches, and dinners with your doctor. Tell them precisely what you eat. That gives them a hint astir wherever you request to chopped back, helium says. Or inquire your doc to notation you to a dietitian who works with radical who person diabetes.

4. Do You Get Too Little Exercise?

Regular aerobic workout tin little your humor sweetener and assistance your assemblage respond to insulin better. And don’t hide astir spot training. Think astir musculus insubstantial similar a sponge, Moreno says. “It absorbs glucose.”

To acceptable much enactment into your day:

  • Take a walk, particularly 15 minutes aft a meal.
  • Ride a bike.
  • Use absorption bands.
  • Do bodyweight exercises.
  • Lift weights.

No substance however you take to get your bosom pumping, bash it for astatine slightest 20-30 minutes a day. It’s OK to interruption up your enactment into respective 5- to 10-minute blocks if that’s each the clip you have.

Include astatine slightest 2 days of spot grooming each week. “The much musculus you build, the much vigor you burn, the little sweetener is available" successful your blood, Morton says.


5. Do You Think You Can't Afford Healthy Food?

“The No. 1 happening I often perceive is it’s conscionable excessively costly to devour steadfast with diabetes,” Nunlee-Bland says. But she says determination are ways to travel a balanced fare connected a budget.

For example: 

  • Eat dried beans for macromolecule and fiber
  • Choose frozen oregon canned fruits and vegetables (with nary added sweetener oregon salt)
  • Buy in-season produce
  • Plan your meals up of time

Prep meals connected the weekends, Nunlee-Brand suggests. That helps support you connected way for the week ahead.

You don’t person to springiness up each your favourite foods. Ask a dietitian for tips. “They tin assistance you program your meals truthful you tin bask immoderate of the things that you similar to eat,” she says.

6. Do You Skip Checkups?

When you person diabetes, you tin make different wellness issues adjacent if you devour right, instrumentality your medicine, and get capable exercise. You whitethorn not beryllium capable to archer erstwhile thing starts to spell wrong. “Don’t presume everything is OK,” Morton says. “Make definite that you bash your investigating connected a regular basis.”

You mightiness request definite tests each clip you spot your doctor. Others mightiness travel up erstwhile oregon doubly a year. Ask your doc what’s close for you. They’ll privation to support an oculus connected your:

  • Blood pressure
  • Cholesterol
  • Foot health
  • Eyes, teeth, and gums
  • Kidneys
  • Vaccinations and boosters

7. Do You Expect Too Much Too Soon?

It tin instrumentality clip for your diabetes medicine to work. Don't needfully expect to spot large results wrong the archetypal mates of days oregon weeks. The aforesaid goes for steadfast manner changes.

“It tin instrumentality months for the standard to move,” Saeed says. “But you should commencement feeling amended sooner.”

8. Do You Skimp connected Sleep?

Too small slumber -- little than 7 to 9 hours a nighttime -- raises your likelihood of definite aesculapian issues. For starters, it makes it harder to power your humor sweetener and humor pressure. “You privation a bully night’s sleep,” Moreno says. “It tin impact aggregate things.”

Tell your doc if you person occupation sleeping. They tin suggest behaviour changes to assistance you rest. And they’ll cheque for different wellness problems, specified arsenic insomnia oregon obstructive slumber apnea.


9. Do You Ignore Your Mental Health?

Mental wellness attraction should beryllium a portion of your diabetes attraction plan. Depression oregon accent tin impact your humor sweetener successful respective ways. For 1 thing, “you whitethorn not retrieve to instrumentality your medicine,” Moreno says.

Stress hormones besides prep your assemblage for action. When stressful situations popular up, your assemblage sends retired other vigor truthful you tin combat oregon run. “It says … 'let’s get each of our resources unneurotic here,' and that means sugar,” Morton says.

You can’t get escaped of stress. But you tin larn to grip it better. If you’re not definite wherever to start, inquire your doc to notation you to a intelligence wellness counselor.

Some do-it-yourself techniques Morton suggests include: 

  • Learn yoga.
  • Pray oregon effort mindfulness meditation.
  • Read a book.
  • Go for a walk.
  • Spend clip with radical who attraction astir you.

What works for idiosyncratic other mightiness not beryllium close for you. But immoderate you bash to upwind down, marque it an mundane thing.

“The 1 large happening is to acceptable the clip aside,” Morton says. “You’ve got to bash it astir similar a schedule. From 6 to 7, that’s my clip wherever I’m going to spell bash thing for me.”   

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