Cory Booker Shuts Senate Republicans Up By Reading A List Of Violent Attacks On School Boards

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Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ) listened to Republicans accidental for hours that threats to schoolhouse boards were overblown, truthful Booker work a database of convulsive incidents astatine schoolhouse committee meetings.


Booker asked Garland if it was existent that determination has been an summation successful threats to radical who service connected schoolhouse boards. Garland said it was true. Booker past work a database of convulsive incidents that person occurred astatine schoolhouse committee meetings.

Sen. Booker past work from the DOJ missive astir investigating threats to schoolhouse committee members, “You accidental literally, spirited statement astir argumentation matters is protected nether the Constitution. I americium quoting 1 of my colleagues contiguous does that dependable similar harassing and intimidating moms and dads? It is astatine the apical of your missive that spirited statement is allowed.”

Senate Republicans Came To The Merrick Garland Hearing With A Tale To Tell

Senate Republicans spent hours and hours astatine the proceeding trying to represent Garland arsenic the large atrocious national authorities that was utilizing the DOJ to people “innocent” parents for expressing their absorption to disguise mandates.  Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) whipped up each of the fake outrages that helium could muster and told Garland to resign. 

Cory Booker yet heard capable and called retired these people, who are threatening and attacking schoolhouse committee members arsenic home terrorists.

Republicans came to the Attorney General Garland proceeding with a wide docket to dispersed their mendacious information, but Sen. Booker came with the facts, and helium work a database of “parents” who are attacking and intimidating schoolhouse committee members arsenic portion of their ngo to dispersed COVID and harm kids.

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