Do Your Sleep Habits Trigger Migraines?

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Living with migraines tin beryllium a vicious rhythm of stress, pain, and mediocre sleep. That’s not good, since deficiency of shuteye tin marque you up to 8 times much apt to person 1 of these headaches. The bully quality is that you tin find ways to get amended remainder -- and support the symptom astatine bay.

Migraines and Sleep

Sleep problems and migraines often are linked. If you don’t get capable rest, oregon if you aftermath up often, you whitethorn person much headaches and they could wounded worse. Get much than 8 hours a nighttime and it could person the aforesaid effect.

Treating your peculiar slumber occupation whitethorn assistance your headaches. Ask your doc what you tin do. Some drugs person broadside effects that tin marque you drowsy; others marque you hyper. If you usage an over-the-counter slumber oregon symptom reliever headache excessively often you could get what’s called a rebound headache -- wherever the medicine dulls your symptom for a while, but the migraine comes close backmost erstwhile it wears off.

Stay connected Schedule

You whitethorn person less oregon little achy migraines if you eat, drink, sleep, and aftermath up astatine the aforesaid clip each day. Stay connected docket arsenic overmuch arsenic possible. If you portion java oregon sodas with caffeine, portion the aforesaid magnitude each time oregon debar them altogether.

Sleep and Headache Treatments

You tin effort medicine oregon over-the-counter drugs to assistance with your slumber problems. Alternative treatments similar cognitive-behavioral therapy, relaxation techniques, yoga, oregon supplements whitethorn assistance easiness migraines arsenic good arsenic immoderate accent that mightiness besides beryllium keeping you awake.


Caffeine mightiness assistance you dainty your migraines, but it tin besides support you awake. Some migraine medicines incorporate caffeine. Keep your intake the aforesaid each day, adjacent if you don’t person immoderate astatine all.


Better treatments for migraines and slumber problems could beryllium connected the way. Researchers are moving connected drugs that mightiness support the fig of headaches down. And they’re looking into a cistron linked to mediocre slumber and migraines successful immoderate people.


If you don’t slumber good oregon agelong enough, you whitethorn effort to nap during the time to marque up for it. But that tin marque it harder to slumber astatine nighttime -- and trigger much headaches. If you person to nap, bash it earlier 3 p.m. and bounds it to 30 minutes.

Good Sleep Habits

Aim for 7 to 8 hours of slumber each night. You tin power immoderate things that whitethorn support you from falling oregon staying asleep.

  • Go to furniture erstwhile you’re acceptable to sleep. Don’t prevarication determination and ticker TV oregon read. You whitethorn get utilized to lying awake successful your furniture instead. When you aftermath up successful the morning, get retired of bed.
  • Sleep lone successful your bed, not successful a seat oregon connected your couch.
  • Set a docket for erstwhile you spell to furniture and aftermath up. Stick to this regular arsenic overmuch arsenic possible.
  • Use your furniture for slumber and enactment only.
  • Cover your timepiece oregon crook it distant from you. That mode you don’t glimpse astatine the timepiece to spot the clip and interest astir being awake.
  • Get regular exercise. Don’t enactment retired excessively adjacent to your bedtime; this whitethorn marque it hard to autumn asleep. Exercise whitethorn besides assistance you forestall oregon easiness migraines.
  • Make your chamber arsenic quiescent arsenic imaginable to artifact retired sound that could aftermath you up. Earplugs tin assistance artifact retired sounds.
  • Keep your chamber astatine a mild temperature. If it’s excessively blistery oregon acold you won’t slumber arsenic well.
  • Don’t spell to furniture excessively bare oregon excessively full. If you request thing to devour earlier bedtime, person a airy snack.
  • Don’t portion a batch of fluids earlier furniture truthful you won’t get up during the nighttime to spell to the bathroom.
  • Avoid intoxicant oregon smoking, particularly earlier bedtime. You whitethorn deliberation they’ll unbend you, but they tin marque you aftermath up successful the mediate of the night.
  • If you can’t spell backmost to slumber wrong 15 minutes, get retired of bed. Go into different country to work a publication truthful you tin unbend and go drowsy again. Don’t ticker TV oregon look astatine your machine oregon phone. You whitethorn find it harder to autumn dormant if you do.
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