Eric Trump Has An Epic Meltdown On Fox Over Being Criminally Investigated

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Eric Trump mislaid it connected Fox News connected Sunday arsenic helium ranted astir the Trumps being nether changeless probe and getting subpoenaed.

Eric Trump Loses It Over Being Investigated


Eric Trump loses it connected Fox implicit being criminally investigated, "The crushed I'm frustrated, each azygous time since my begetter ran for president, my begetter and our full household and our institution has been nether probe each azygous day."

— Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) September 19, 2021

Eric Trump said connected Fox News’s Sunday Morning Futures:

That’s the problem, Maria, with the Democrats. The occupation with the Democrats is they excavation truthful heavy that they find themselves. And the crushed I’m frustrated, every azygous time since my father ran for president, my father, and our full household and our company has been under investigation each azygous day. Maria, we get subpoena after subpoena after subpoena, but I mean, they weaponized the full system successful the country. 

They weaponized the DOJ. They weaponized our military, they weaponized the acquisition strategy successful this country, they weaponized the medical strategy successful the country. The Democrats weaponized everything that they tin to use against our governmental opponents.

If The Trumps Don’t Want To Be Investigated, They Should Stop Committing Crimes.

Eric Trump’s comments were a classical illustration of Trumpian projection. His begetter weaponized each portion of the enforcement subdivision to spell aft his enemies.

Democrats aren’t weaponizing thing against Eric Trump and his family.

Eric Trump and his household are nether changeless probe due to the fact that they perpetrate crimes.

There is simply a crushed wherefore the Obamas aren’t nether changeless investigation.

They don’t effort to perpetrate crimes.

If the Trumps don’t privation to beryllium investigated, they should halt engaging successful behaviour that is worthy of investigation.

The unit is intelligibly getting to Eric Trump as helium is the absorption of galore investigations involving the Trump Organization.

The fearfulness was evident successful Eric Trump’s voice. It is each getting adjacent to crashing down, and Eric Trump doesn’t privation to spell to jail.

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