From the Field: Saving the Mongolian musk

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The fig of musk cervid successful Mongolia has plummeted by immoderate 83 per cent since the 1970s, landing them connected the country’s reddish database of critically endangered species. A UN-supported biodiversity inaugural is helping to halt the cervid from disappearing altogether.

Herder assemblage  members.

Herder assemblage members., by Snow Leopard Conservation Founda

The Ensuring Sustainability and Resilience (ENSURE) of Green Landscapes successful Mongolia project, integrates biodiversity conservation and sustainable onshore and wood management, and covers the afloat scope of Mongolia’s divers ecological zones, from adust deserts, to steppe, boreal forests, and alpine upland ranges.

This involves sharing champion signifier measures for the extortion and absorption of globally threatened and iconic fauna, specified arsenic the musk deer, including community-based mobile anti-poaching units, and the implementation of stiff penalties for poaching.

You tin find retired much astir the ENSURE inaugural here.

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