Iran: Execution of juvenile offender ‘deeply alarming and shocking’

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The UN quality rights office, OHCHR, connected Thursday condemned Iran's execution of a young antheral who was a insignificant astatine the clip helium was charged with committing a crime. 

Arman Abdolali, 25, is the 2nd juvenile offender to beryllium executed successful the state this year.   

OHCHR expressed superior interest that his lawsuit follows the signifier of kid offenders being convicted aft a flawed proceedings and connected the ground of forced confessions. 

“It is profoundly alarming and shocking that his hanging went ahead, contempt interventions by galore parties connected the case, including nonstop engagement by the UN Human Rights Office with the Government of Iran,” Spokesperson Liz Throssell said successful a statement. 

Mr. Abdolali, who was 17 erstwhile helium was accused of murder, was arrested successful 2014 and recovered blameworthy the pursuing year. 

He was retried past twelvemonth and past sentenced to decease again this September.  He had besides recanted his confession, saying it had been extracted nether torture. 

Commute decease sentences 

The UN rights bureau besides deplored that Mr. Abdolali had been transferred to solitary confinement six times up of his scheduled execution, which was postponed each clip earlier going up connected Thursday. 

More than 85 radical stay connected decease enactment successful Iran for crimes they allegedly committed arsenic children, according to OHCHR. 

“We telephone connected the Iranian authorities to halt each executions of kid offenders and instantly commute the decease sentences against them, successful enactment with the country’s planetary obligations,” said Ms. Throssell. 

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