Rep. Dan Kildee Criticizes Republicans, Says He “Totally Understands” GOP Colleague’s Decision Not to Run for Re-Election

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Speaking connected CNN, Representative Dan Kildee (D-Mich.) says helium “totally understands” wherefore his Republican colleague, Representative Anthony Gonzalez (Minn.) has chosen not to tally for re-election amid information fears.

“There’s extremist chatter astir kidnapping lawmakers. What is your fearfulness erstwhile you perceive that?,” CNN’s Brianna Keiler asked.

“We’re quality beings. We person families. We hap to beryllium successful these positions of immoderate responsibility,” Kildee said, noting that helium “totally understands” Gonzalez’s decision. “But the thought that arsenic a portion of a governmental strategy there’d beryllium threats of unit oregon kidnapping… this is intended to intimidate nationalist officials to support america from speaking up and saying the truth.”

Kildee proceeded to knock Republican enactment for downplaying information concerns successful the aftermath of the Capitol siege, with took spot aft a mob of erstwhile President Donald Trump’s supporters stormed the United States Capitol connected the mendacious premise that the predetermination had been stolen.

“This is the United States of America,” helium added. “This cannot continue. We request liable people. I don’t similar to be, but let’s look it: We request liable Republican leaders to talk information and enactment this down. They won’t bash it due to the fact that they someway consciousness that this whipped-up sentiment volition assistance them successful the 2022 election.”

“My God,” helium concluded, “if that’s however they’re going to effort to win, what does that accidental astir these leaders, these alleged leaders? It’s pathetic. It truly is.”

You tin perceive Kildee’s remarks successful the video below.

.@RepDanKildee "totally understands" wherefore @RepAGonzalez is not seeking re-election implicit information fears. Now, DHS warns of caller threats to lawmakers earlier the 'Justice for J6' rally. "This can't continue…we request liable Republican leaders who are consenting to talk truth."

— Brianna Keilar (@brikeilarcnn) September 17, 2021

Kildee’s remarks travel aft Gonzalez announced helium would not run, saying he’s received galore threats to his and his family’s information aft supporting the impeachment effort against erstwhile President Donald Trump.

“That’s 1 of those moments wherever you say, ‘Is this truly what I privation for my household erstwhile they travel, to person my woman and kids escorted done the airport?’” helium said successful notation to being met astatine the Cleveland airdrome by 2 uniformed constabulary officers who were portion of a beefed up information beingness aft the impeachment vote.

“Politically the situation is truthful toxic, particularly successful our ain enactment close now,” helium said of the GOP. “You tin combat your butt disconnected and triumph this thing, but are you truly going to beryllium happy? And the reply is, astir apt not.”

Gonzalez said helium does not privation “to beryllium portion of” immoderate enactment that is “going to marque Trump the halfway of fund-raising efforts and governmental outreach.”

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