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Further increasing enormously on news wire services

There are hundreds of News wire services out there, and they all have different characteristics that make them unique. One of their most important features is their distribution channels -- the methods by which they reach journalists, bloggers and other influencers who can help spread a company's message. Here's a list of some popular services:

List of Press Release Distribution Services

  • PR Newswire

  • Global News Wire

  • Ein Presswire

  • News Wire Services


PRNewswire is a global news distribution service that delivers press releases to more than 200,000 journalists and bloggers around the world. The company has its headquarters in New York City but also has offices in London, Paris, Tokyo and Sydney.

Presswire offers free distribution services for companies looking to reach targeted media outlets through its network of journalists and bloggers. offers a variety of packages, including breaking news alerts and a free trial. The website also features an extensive library of articles on various topics related to communications and marketing, including PR tactics for small businesses as well as large corporations.


PRLog is a free press release distribution service. It's also a newswire service, which means it distributes global news wire to journalists and bloggers around the world. The PRLog team has been distributing press releases since 2003 and specializes in technology, business and consumer trends.

PR Newswire

PR Newswire is a global newswire service that provides news release distribution and syndication services to the public relations industry. PR Newswire distributes news releases from over 2,500 organizations in 150 countries around the world every day through its online distribution platform. The company's main competitors include BusinessWire, Market Wire, and AP dispatches; however it remains one of the most prominent services due to its wide range of products (including digital locks) and services offered via their website or mobile app which includes:

  • News Release Distribution - This service allows companies to create a custom submission package for their clients' needs on PR Newswire's platform then have them sent directly out into other users' inboxes via email or text message when they have been approved by editors at PR Newswire.* Syndication Services – Companies can use Syndication Services at no cost if they already subscribe but there is also an option available where companies may pay an additional fee per month depending upon how many stories get published per week.* Digital Lock Service - This option provides access control over content so only certain people can access specific stories while others remain hidden unless specifically requested by someone else who wants access

press release

the press release is a news distribution service that operates since 1999, and is part of Business Wire, an international wire service provider. It provides its subscribers with links to press releases from around the world and allows them to download those documents in PDF format. The company has expanded its reach over the years by adding new services such as email alerts and social media sharing buttons on its website, allowing users to share any story they find interesting via their own accounts on Twitter or Facebook without leaving 1888pressrelease’s platform.

1888pressrelease also offers a custom-built toolkit called Cision newswire Central™ (PRC) that allows editors at media outlets across different industries access to powerful reporting tools like automatic data extraction for easy analysis; prewritten quotes; customizable templates for common questions asked during interviews with clients; automatic transcription so that reporters don't need time consuming transcribing themselves if they're working remotely; scheduling tools so journalists can schedule interviews on demand instead having them show up whenever someone calls them about doing one


PitchEngine is a press release distribution service. It offers a web-based platform and the ability to embed your content in the site's news feed, which means that it can be accessed by other users of the website.

The free trial option allows you to post up to 20 press releases without being charged, while paid plans start at $29 per month (about £21). The company also offers an API for developers who want to build tools on top of its platform or integrate their own content into PitchEngine's feeds.


Pressbox is a newswire service that allows users to submit their stories for publication. Users can choose whether they want their story published on Pressbox's website, in a blog post or on social media.

The company also offers paid plans for those who prefer more control over the distribution of their material and have larger budgets to work with.


  • 24-7pressrelease is a newswire service founded in 1996 by The New York Times Company, Newswire, and Dow Jones & Company. It's a subsidiary of PR Newswire, which also owns other wire services like Marketwire and Business Wire.

  • 24-7pressrelease has a global reach with more than 50 different languages available online at all times (English), including Spanish and Arabic versions that are updated every 15 minutes as news breaks around the world; there's also an option for text-only reports sent via email if you're not able to access their site or don't want any ads on your page.

  • If you're interested in writing about business or technology topics—or if there's anything else specific about what interests you—they offer free account holders access to premium features such as advanced search filters and custom domain verification checks during registration.*


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