Ted Cruz Claims Biden Vaccine Mandate Is A Conspiracy

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Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) claimed that the Biden vaccine mandate is simply a conspiracy to distract from Afghanistan.


Ted Cruz claims Biden vaccine mandate is simply a conspiracy to distract from Afghanistan, "The president is defying the instrumentality due to the fact that helium wanted the property to commencement defending him and halt talking astir the disasters successful Afghanistan." pic.twitter.com/olGDtBBiq9

— Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) September 19, 2021

Cruz said connected Fox News’s Sunday Morning Futures, “You enactment your finger connected what the achromatic house is trying to do, they privation to change the taxable from Afghanistan. It’s wherefore Biden issued this completely amerciable and unconstitutional vaccine mandate because helium wanted to alteration the topic from the catastrophe in Afghanistan, the vaccine mandate is going to beryllium struck down in court, they cognize that, but the president is defying the law because helium wanted the property to start defending him and stop talking astir the disasters in Afghanistan and he’s counting on a clump of large businesses, successful particular, forcing their employees to comply earlier the matter is ever adjudicated and before the bid is struck down.”

Ted Cruz Is Wrong On The Vaccine Mandate

The vaccine mandate is not unconstitutional. The President has hundreds of years of ineligible precedent supporting his order, truthful that portion of Cruz’s conspiracy mentation doesn’t work.

Sen. Cruz is ignoring that the coronavirus is sidesplitting radical each crossed the state successful bid to beryllium capable to assertion that the mandate is simply a conspiracy mentation to distract from Afghanistan.

The media sum has, arsenic expected, faded connected Afghanistan. The immense bulk of Americans enactment the Biden presumption of ending the war, nary substance however messy the US exit was. 

Ted Cruz has managed to harvester 2 losing issues for Republicans into a conspiracy mentation that volition lone entreaty to their base.

Cruz is simply a governmental shapeshifter, truthful if you privation to cognize which mode the upwind is blowing successful the GOP, perceive to Ted Cruz for 5 minutes.

What upwind vane Ted is telling america is that the Republican Party is heading for a full caller level of crazy.

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